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We have just received this year’s  extra virgin olive oil from Italy.

This extra virgin olive oil has a nutty flavour  It of course has many uses.

It can be used with a wide variety of salads but also but also can be used as a condiment with meat, fish and soup.

The Olivieri olive oil is a pure olive oil. It  cold-pressed and contains no fertiliser.  This has the effect of making this oil incredibly aromatic as well as  light in taste.

The environment where it comes from is also conducive to producing a high quality product.

The olive trees where we extract the wine are hundreds of years old. They are based high above the Adriatic coastline, near the family home, in what is known as The National Park of Gargano. 

There are also wide selection of olives you can choose from. For example Green “Cerignola” olives in Brine, 300g, no pitted

These olives are made by Madama Oliva.. They are big and very tasty!
If you ever feel peckish in between meals, they are a great way for you to curb your hunger pangs.

They can also be used as a compliment to your salads  and hot food.

The health benfits of olives are well noted as they are full of vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

In addition studies have also shown  they are good for the heart

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